Mining exploration

We know beneath

In Situ Testing brings together the technology, technological know-how and extensive skills of a specialist group to offer the mining industry a complete service focused on mineral exploration and investigation.

We have the skills to work at all the different stages of mining projects, from exploration and evaluation of deposits to project development, exploitation and production. We can also offer solutions for studies of transport structures for the extracted raw materials: railways, slurry pipelines and mining ports.

An integrated approach:
from mine to harbour

  • Exploration campaigns by means of mining boreholes
  • Borehole trajectory measurement using multi-shot equipment
  • Borehole and geophysical logging. A wide range of geophysical probes and winches allow access to depths up to 1,000 m
  • Surface geophysics
  • Geotechnical and hydrogeological instrumentation for opencast and underground mining
  • Geotechnical characterisation campaigns by means of boreholes and in situ geotechnical tests

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