IGEOTEST considers that the integration of Research, Development and Innovation activities is one of the basic pillars of its business strategy and therefore is aware of the importance of promoting and developing the necessary actions to obtain new technologies, products, enhanced processes and differentiated services, in order to increase their competitive advantages. differentiation and achievements that will contribute to their growth in a sustainable manner.

Compliance with this policy is regulated by the R&D Management Standards aligned with the UNE 166002.

The IGEOTEST guidelines for action in the R&D&i fields are the following:



  • Align all R&D&i actions with the specific demands of the operational areas of the company, with a special focus on obtaining new products or production processes, or improving existing ones, taking as a priority the demands and needs of clients or other external agents in the environment of a circular economy that respects the environment and society in general.

  • Implement an innovation management system integrated in the Integrated Management System (IMS) of the company, which includes the establishment of annual goals and objectives within a process of continuous improvement, managing the human and intellectual capital as true supports of all the creative and innovative process.

  • Establish the mechanisms to detect, identify, develop and disseminate the innovations that are generated in the activities of the company as well as establish tools that allow us to anticipate market trends and needs.

  • Promote an innovative spirit and promote and encourage the generation and proposal of innovative ideas.

  • Implement research tasks as a priority with Universities and other public and private research centers to acquire greater specialization and excellence.

  • Integrate innovation in all company processes, generating a Culture of Innovation addressed to all departments through a specific training program for the development of creative abilities.

  • Disseminate internally generated knowledge, so that IGEOTEST professionals know the best practices applicable to their activity and, externally, to disseminate and create an innovative and responsible image.

  • Protect the results of the innovation process, properly and ethically managing the intellectual and industrial property.


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