Start date: 2009-2010
Completion: December 2012
Collaborators: Igeotest in collaboration with UPC
Publications: Jubert A. Pineda, Marcos Arroyo, Nuria Sau, Norma Pérez. Testing block samples from silty deposits. Geotechnical and Geophysical Site Characterisation 4- Coutinho & Mayne (eds). 2013 Taylor & Fancis Group, London, ISNB 978-0-415-62136-6.
N. Pérez, N. Sau, M. Devincenzi, M. Arroyo, J. Pineda. Pressiometric and non-pressiometric tools on a Mediterranean deltaic deposit. Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Paris 2013
Budget: 71,700€


As part of the TRACE programme for Proyectos de Investigación Fundamental (Basic Research Projects), Igeotest worked with the Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC) on the project: High Quality Geotechnical Sample Recovery in Soft Soils




Development, adaptation and testing of equipment for high quality geotechnical sampling in soft soils.

Project phases

  1. Revision of literature and up-to-date drafting

  2. Definition of new sampling equipment

  3. Construction and/or adaptation of sampling equipment

  4. Field tests. A campaign of field trials was undertaken involving the collection of samples using different samplers from the company and their comparison with Sherbrook model samples

  5. Performance of testing campaigns in the lab (UPC) to objectively evaluate the different types of sample obtained. Oedometer and triaxial testing was carried out with small deformation measurement. Seismic lab techniques were applied and measurement of matric suction.

  6. Development of a final report summarising the work carried out during the project. in the report the results obtained in the lab for the different samples were evaluated taking into account the results of in situ characterisation tests at each site as well as other relevant information.

  7. Dissemination of the project results (UPC, IGEOTEST)