Publications: N. Pérez García, M.J. Devincenzi.2010 A combined up the hole Drilling/CPT equipment for near-shore site investigation.CPT’10; 2nd International Symposium on cone penetration testing. Huntington Beach, CA; Conference Proceedings.


Marine piling system that helps simplify operations involving performance of static piling tests from an offshore platform.

The equipment was designed and developed by Igeotest R&D to perform all kinds of marine geotechnical tests involving static piling (CPTu DMT SCPTu, SDMT and CPM). The device operates from the deck of a jack-up platform; it has a thrust capacity of 200 kN and uses rods and sonic cones NOVA RW (10 cm2 or 15 cm2).

Particularly suitable for working in conjunction with a conventional drill. The entire test operation is carried out from the drill. Allows performance of borehole plus CPTu (or other piling test) in a single position, thereby increasing speed and manoeuvrability.

In order to perform CPTu tests, the equipment is equipped with NOVA RW-type electronics; the wireless set-up speeds up testing and reduces the risk of breakage while providing higher resolution than other standard devices.

Testing is controlled from a mobile office equipped with all the necessary computer and electronic resources for managing, processing and sending results.




Dimensions 1,60 (L) x 1,0 (A)
x 2,80 (H)
Thrust 200 kN
Maximum penetrartion 50-60 m
Maximum operational perforation 25-30 m
Cone type Nova RW de 10 cm2
Penetration speed 2 cm/s
Withdrawal speed 10 cm/s
Feed Hydraulic