IGEOTEST has now developed and commercially exploited the MINIDRILL teleoperated equipment, capable of drilling up to 6 m of sounding from the bottom of the sea. This equipment are equipped with register of drilling parameters. This means that it is instrumented, acquiring in real time the values ​​of the fundamental variables of operation of the machine (advance, thrust, torque of rotation, hydraulic pressure ...). This type of registration is frequent on land, but not in the sea, where the dominant technology to date - drilling from a ship - includes a series of auxiliary systems (hydraulic compensation) that make their use difficult.

The drilling records contain quantitative information about the nature of the traversed terrain, but it is difficult to extract it, because the detailed mechanics of the drilling is still not well understood. The objective of this project is to develop a technology for the quantitative interpretation of underwater geotechnical drilling records. Although the project focuses on a specific equipment, the developed technology will have a modular nature and will be able to adapt to other geotechnical drilling equipment, submarine or not.