SLATE is focused on investigating submarine landslides and associated geohazards as important natural risks that threaten offshore infrastructures and coastal regions in Europe.

A wide spectrum of tectonic and marine environmental settings needs to be investigated. To master this holistic approach, SLATE brings together a world-class team of leading experts from renowned academic institutions and key non-academic partners with an unusually comprehensive set of interdisciplinary expertise.

This ETN comprises experts with outstanding backgrounds in marine geophysics, sedimentology, civil engineering, geotechnics, tsunami research, and hazard assessment as well as marine technology. Training covers various geoscientific methods, as well as assessment of consequences and impacts on coastal regions and society. Together with various transferable and complementary courses skilled in SLATE, this integrative approach will guide the research of all projects to train a new generation of highly motivated and excellent qualified young scientists to tackle challenges linked to landslide-initiated hazards.

SLATE covers European-wide project with 10 beneficiaries from academia and non-academia (incl. industry) and 4 partner organisations from 6 countries.

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