Developed: 2007-2008
Registered as Utility model nº 201130400
Collaborators: Romero OH


The PRD pressure-dilatometer was developed entirely by Igeotest R&D. The device allows management and automation of testing and calibration, as well as the storage in electronic format and transmission via e-mail of the data obtained.


  • Determination of shear modulus, G

  • Determination of flow pressure




Maximum working pressure 250 bars
Radius of deformation reading 3, 4, or 6 independent radii
Exterior membrane diameter 72/82/92 mm
Optimum perforation diameter 76/86/96, up to101 mm
Probe length 560 mm
Displacement sensors LVDT (3, 4 or 6 units)
Pressure sensor Ceramic transducer
Cabling 100 m 4x0.5 mm + (n Radius+1)x0.34 with polyurethane sleeving
Pressure tubing 100 m Capilar micro hose
Control units PVD 56 or PRD 56 250
Pressurisation units Manual regulation (using PVD 56) or automated pressurisation (using PRD 56 2) 50 vv