Collaborators: Romero OH
Budget: 584,468€


Entirely developed by Igeotest R&D, the IG- 250 is ideal for conducting marine piezocones from the deck of a jack-up platform. It has a capacity of 250 kN thrust and uses standard rods and cones with 10 and 15 cm2 section.




A built-in winch and pulleys allow the coating to be carried out through the water surface by means of another in-house development, a special high-strength pipe with sleeving to prevent linkage sagging.

Test operation is controlled from the platform, with real-time data collection of point and shaft resistance, pore pressure and tilt. Pausing the drilling allows pore pressure dissipation tests to be performed. These parameter readings allow very accurate assessment of subsurface stratigraphy and geotechnical parameters.

Together with a hydraulic assembly, generator and testing and data collection control system, the unit is easy to transport, significantly reducing the costs of mobilisation and set up.

Using this system investigation depths of 50 m have been achieved with water depths up to 25 meters. It also allows the use of special cones and other in situ tests including seismic piezocone (SCPTu) and Marchetti dilatometer (DMT and SDMT).

Dimensions 2.2 (L) x 1.2 (W) x 2.2 (H)
Thrust 250 kN
Maximum penetration 50-60 m
Maximum operational perforation 25-30 m
Cone type 10 or 15 cm2 standard
Penetration velocity 2 cm/s 10%
Withdrawal velocity 4 cm/s
Feed Hydraulic