Development: 2009-2013
Budget: IGEOTEST:1,298,860€


Ocean Líder, a consortium of 20 companies and 25 research centres, led by Iberdrola Ingenieria y Construcción, is the world's biggest research project aimed at renewable ocean energies. The project has met the initial objectives of developing the necessary disruptive technologies for the implementation of integrated renewable energy installations at sea.




  • Identification and analysis of determining factors for the characterisation of the marine environment and analysis and study of existing methodologies, equipment and measurement devices

  • Development of models for the evaluation and screening of sites endowed with energy resources. Methodology for identifying potential areas

  • Theoretical analysis and validation tests for models for evaluating potential areas. Experimental research tests by means of simulations

  • Research into integrated and complex offshore systems and equipment for geotechnical study at great depth

  • Research into three-dimensional underwater viewing systems for installation processes and marine operations

  • Research into motorisation systems and actuator arms

  • Análisis digital estadístico de imágenes sobre las texturas sumergidas determinadas por entornos de gran turbidez de agua

  • Digital statistical image analysis of determined submerged textures in areas of high turbidity

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