Starting from the company's commitment to customer service, IGEOTEST has developed a process-based quality management system aimed at continuous improvement: PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act), which brings with it the following benefits:

Market benefits

  • Improvement to image of products and/or services offered

  • Encourages development and strengthens position

  • Gain in market share and access to foreign markets through the trust generated among customers and consumers

Client benefits

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Eliminates multiple audits, thereby reducing costs

  • Access to quality agreements arranged with clients

Company management benefits

  • By highlighting the areas for improvement, serves as a means to maintain and improve efficiency and adaptation of the quality management system

  • Lays firm foundations for quality management and encourages the company to enter into a process of continuous improvement

  • Increases motivation and participation of staff and improves resource management

Official Quality Policy Document

Knowing we have the trust and confidence of our clients allows us to improve the services offered by the company and meet the needs and expectations of these clients. Day by day we work to:

  • Completely ensure the technical requirements of each of the projects that we undertake

  • Meet all commercial objectives, learning each day from and with our customers

  • Fulfill the expectations of our clients and partners and achieve 100% satisfaction

To achieve this, the Igeotest team is committed to the Quality Policy of the company:

  • We are committed to strict compliance with quality standards in each and every one of our services

  • We strive for continuous improvement in all our work processes and in our system of Quality Management ( ISO 9001)

  • We exercise strict control over all technical, administrative and human factors that affect: good professional practice, technical skill or test quality, and also in all factors that impact directly or indirectly on the quality our final services

  • We also practice a policy of open and two-way communication with our workers where quality policy is concerned. We therefore make a commitment to meeting the needs of our customers, and to doing so within the prescribed legal framework for each sector of activity

  • We guarantee adequate training for all staff involved in testing, in order to improve their technical skill, to enable them to master the Quality Management System documentation and to ensure the proper implementation of procedures and work instructions

  • Igeotest management team reviews this Quality Policy regularly to adapt it to the reality of each moment and to ensure that it remains the optimal working tool for achieving our objectives