Igeotest policies of Corporate Social Responsibility, Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Control all enter under the umbrella structure of the company's Integrated Management System, a system which is key to our on-going improvement and sustainable growth.


Main Aims:

  • Ensure environmental protection and prevention of pollution in balance with socio-economic needs in compliance with ISO 14001 International Standards

  • Total protection of the health and safety of members of the company by adapting fixed and mobile facilities and activities in compliance with OHSAS 18001 International Standards

  • Ensure the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our clients by monitoring processes in compliance with ISO 9001 International Standards

  • Igeotest maintains an Ethics and Social Responsibility Management System which aims to ensure that all the company's activities are conducted with transparency, integrity and sustainability


  • Reduce the costs of quality failure

  • Offer customers and management assurance that they are receiving the desired quality by appropriate documentary evidence

  • Achieve customer satisfaction by implementing appropriate preventive actions to avoid incidents

  • Define annual objectives that clearly express the company's commitment to continual improvement in all management processes


  • Carry out works and services through the application of new technologies, new logistics and management processes and the use of new products, as well as improving on all such elements in order to increase satisfaction of interested parties (shareholders, customers, suppliers, society, employees and partners).

  • Promote the generation and transmission of knowledge that provides competitive advantages and promote R&D+i


  • Effectively prevent workplace accidents

  • Promote and integrate the culture of prevention of occupational risks throughout the management of the company

  • Ensure compliance with current legislation on Occupational and Environmental Risks


  • Use natural resources in a rational manner

  • Minimize degradation of the natural environment and the inconvenience to citizens regarding noise and gas emissions

  • Reduce waste


Each year, Igeotest management defines specific objectives and goals expressing the company's commitment to continuous improvement in management processes, and disseminates this policy throughout the organization.

Indicators are defined, associated with different objectives, allowing the monitoring and evaluation of performance; this information is reviewed by the Integrated Management Systems committee at monthly meetings, and appropriate steps are taken to correct any deviations that may occur.