Human capital is the basis of created value. Igeotest makes great efforts to maintain a motivated, trained and highly skilled managerial and technical team. Human resources policy and professional management are the foundation both of the company's current position and of its promising future.

For this reason, one of the main objectives of Human Resource Management is to enhance motivation in respect to:

  • Attracting

  • Hiring

  • Developing

  • Retaining quality personnel

The human resources policy is well defined and implemented in relation to personnel selection, job descriptions and organisation, skills management and assessment, remuneration policy, training and development, and internal communication.

The objective of these policies is to achieve the professional and personal development of the team, ensuring business growth in line with the company's overall mission, vision and values, and taking into account strategic planning.

The model followed for the design and implementation of human resources policy is based on the concepts of the Value Profit Chain.

Our HR policy is clearly and formally defined:

  • Capture, retain and motivate talented professionals

  • Promote teamwork and excellence in quality

  • Support and ongoing training of our personnel

  • Innovate in processes, procedures, products and services

Our company recognises that the value and competitiveness of the company is based on the management and leadership of the human resources within.

Official Human Resources document:

We are committed to attracting, hiring, developing and retaining talented personnel, fostering motivation and personal growth among our employees.

To achieve this, company management is committed to the integrated management of HR policies:

  • Hiring and personnel management policies, maintaining a definition of the positions appropriate to the duties and responsibilities of the people working

  • Recruitment and selection policies, ensuring planning and organisation of the resources necessary for the optimum development of the company, for finding and retaining talent

  • Training and development policies, ensuring the promotion and development of company personnel both professionally and personally in order to inspire loyalty to the company and enhance the competitive value of the organization

  • Integrating motivational systems for company personnel, thereby ensuring the retention of talent and an increase in the competitiveness of the company

  • Remuneration and compensation policies, ensuring compliance with current regulations and adapting remuneration to the responsibilities and effectiveness of human resources

  • Internal communication policies, to ensure the respect, trust, transparency and honesty of the people who make up the company

Igeotest is committed to maintaining HR policies that will increase retention of talented personnel and thus foster an adequate environment of health and safety and promote a culture of risk prevention by fully integrating the systems.