Our commitment to our clients is to achieve and demonstrate sound standards of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). To this end, we strictly control risks in accordance with our OHS policy and objectives.

The commitment of all employees to continuous improvement in OHS, leading to:

  • A reduction in workplace accidents and increased productivity

  • The identification, assessment and monitoring of risks associated with each job

  • Elimination of the causes of accidents and diseases at work

The perception of a safer environment for workers, corresponding to:

  • A decrease in illness and absenteeism

  • An increase in productivity

  • An on-going reduction in accidents

  • A reduction in fines and unnecessary expenses

Compliance with legislation on prevention of risks, and integration of this in company procedures, with the aim of:

  • reducing costs and administrative sanctions resulting from breaches in standards

  • Improving internal management and communication between company and workers, company and government bodies and other stakeholders

Igeotest is firmly committed to the establishment of appropriate health and safety policies in the workplace and the promotion of a culture of risk prevention by integrating these policies into the system.

Official Quality Policy Document

Conscious of the importance of ensuring worker health and safety, Igeotest management has established a system to manage Occupational Risks which it monitors and updates as appropriate.

The Policy on Prevention of Occupational Risks takes into consideration the following points:

  • Industrial accidents can and should be avoided

  • The company is firmly committed to the prevention of damage and deterioration of workers' health

  • Compliance with applicable laws and other requirements to which the organization subscribes are an essential factor for continued improvement in the prevention of occupational risks and for the achievement of programmed objectives

  • Occupational risk prevention takes precedence over productivity

  • Investing in safety is always profitable because it improves quality and productivity and saves costs

  • Risk prevention should be carried out with the appropriate consultation and participation of all workers

  • All staff should be trained, motivated and involved in the development and implementation of the Occupational Risk Management System

  • Actions and objectives should be established aimed at an on-going improvement in health and safety in our workplaces

  • Igeotest management provides the necessary resources to achieve the objectives of the Policy on Prevention of Occupational Risks

The Prevention of Occupational Risks Manual and Plan are the documents wherein the philosophy and guidelines of the company's prevention management policy are collected. Compliance with the provisions in these documents is the responsibility of the entire organisation Igeotest.