Igeotest provides professional services and products worldwide. These services are based on achieving the highest levels in terms of effective management systems. Success depends on the quality of services offered and how they are delivered, and therefore particular importance is given to a zero-tolerance approach to illegal drugs and alcohol in the workplace.


We recognise our responsibility for performance, development and continuous improvement and we are committed to:

  • The promotion of zero tolerance to alcohol and illegal drugs in the workplace

  • The recognition and understanding of the effects illegal drugs and alcohol can have in the workplace

  • Providing the necessary information to our employees in order to effectively manage the monitoring of drug and alcohol abuse

  • Ensuring that all workers are in a fit condition to perform the tasks assigned them


To meet our commitments, the company will ensure that:

  • Our drug and alcohol policy is understood and followed by all

  • Professional healthcare support is provided for staff if necessary

  • We meet with contractors and companies who provide services to us and strive to ensure that their rules conform to our own policy on drugs and alcohol

  • Appropriate disciplinary measures are taken if any member of staff violates this policy

  • We periodically review the appropriateness of this policy