Geotechnical probesGeotechnical probes allow the extraction of continuous samples, thereby allowing a visual assessment of the lithology of the subsoil. In addition, they allow both on site, one off, testing and also the extraction of undisturbed samples for subsequent analysis in the laboratory.


Igeotest resources permit the application of different perforation and sampling techniques:

  • Rotational probes with continuous sample extraction.
  • Helicoidal probes: Solid-Stem Auger & Hollow-Stem Auger.
  • Wire-line Environmental probes.
  • Geophysical convalidation of probes.
  • Perforation parameter measurement (perforation parameter logging using the RegDrill 56 developed by Igeotest R&D).
  • Management, supervision and geological/geotechnical convalidation of probes and surveys by qualified professionals.


Geotechnical probes
  Geotechnical probes  Geotechnical probes