The continuous emission of surface waves allows us to determine shear stiffness/depth at depths between 10 m (clays) and 30 m (in some granular soils and soft rocks) by means of a profile, without the need for drilling. This provision of data as the survey is carried out, enables the operator to evaluate the quality of the data before moving on to a new test point. These profiles permit geotechnical engineering predictions of surface settlements.


General characteristics

  • Automated equipment, computer controlled test procedures.
  • User friendly, MS Windows®.
  • Reasonable price compared to alternatives.
  • Portable equipment - non-invasive tests - USB port for data transfer.
  • Salida de dominio del tiempo.
  • On-line Fast Fourier Transform (FFT).




  • Provides shear module measurement at depths of up to 30 m depending on soil/rock type.
  • Allows fast evaluation of grain variability from one location in terms of stiffness.
  • Provides stiffness parameters for soils which are difficult or impossible to sample representatively, e.g. granular soils and highly fractured rock.
  • Allows between 50 and 100 (or more) stiffness measurements in each location.
  • Can be carried out by two field staff.
  • Verifies soil improvement e.g. from dynamic compactation, vibrofloatation and classic consolidation.
  • Allows the measurement of Gmax which can provide a useful point of reference for soil stiffness surveys.