Geotechnical probesThe methodology and general characteristics of this survey are similar to those of a conventional pressure-meter. However, the fact that the bore is inserted via static penetration considerably reduces the survey wall disturbance compared to traditional pressure-meter tests carried out by means of pre-bored holes. The quality is therefore higher. From the CPM survey we can measure the modulus G, as the average modulus at the start of the first stage of the survey, and the moduli Gur obtained from the loading and unloading cycles carried out for different deformation ranges.


The geotechnical parameters which can be obtained from the CPM survey analysis are:

CPTU results

  • qT, fs, u,
  • FR%, Bq, DPPR
  • γdry, γsat, DR%
  • φ, su, sensitivity (St)
  • O.C.R.


CPM results

  • Modulus G
  • Fluency pressure
  • Limit pressure
  • Estimation of cu in clays
  • Estimation of Po in combination with CPTU



  • Speed of execution.
  • No previous survey necessary.
  • Static perforation of pressure-meter.
  • Classic CPTU & Ménard pressure-meter results from a single survey.