Año: 2008-2011
Proyecto en colaboración con GEOMYTSA
Publicaciones: F Romero, MJ Devincenzi and N Pérez García, M Arroyo and A Deu. 2012 Testing a new submersible drill rig. Proceedings of the seventh international conference, September 2012. Royal Geographical Society, London.
M.J. Devincenzi, N. Pérez García & K. Samoili, M. Arroyo. 2012 A submersible drill rig for coring soils and rocks. Proceedings Fourth International Conference on Geotechnical and Geophysical Site Characterization ISC’4.Porto de Galinhas – Pernambuco - Brazil
Presupuesto: 693,155€


Objetivo: Desarrollo de una máquina de perforar submarina para roca y suelo. It consists in a remotely operated submersible drill rig able to obtain continuous cores of soil and/or rock of up to 6 m length.





Offshore drilling equipment that permits:

  • Continuous rotary core drilling/ static driving

  • Application in both soils and rocks

  • Depth of investigation up to 6 m

  • Ease of operation independent of depth

  • Obtain Drilling parameters

  • Sample quality (up to 1, ISO 22476-1:2006)

Applicable for dredging, port works, pipelines, surface soil recognition, renewable energies.